health benefits of strategy board games

The Many Health Benefits of Strategy Board Games

While strategy board games may be fun for you if you like controlled conflict, or hanging out with your friends, your physical health may also be benefiting from your indulgent in the board game genre. Check out some of these promising health benefits of playing your favorite strategy board games.

Strategy is Fun, and Fun Equals Feeling Good

When you play a strategy board game with the right person or people, you tend to have more laughs than you would normally, which increase the number of endorphins your body releases. When this happens, the aforementioned chemical increases the amount of happiness you currently feel. When you laugh and have fun, you promote a healthier environment for not only your friends and in your house, but also for your body. The more you laugh, the happier the brain will be – which is scientifically proven.

Increase Your Cognitive Skills

One of the primary benefits that is most widely seen with strategy board games is the area of cognitive skills. When you play a board game that uses cognitive skills such as problem-solving, the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus areas of the brain excel in such a fantastic manner. The areas of the brain we mentioned are directly responsible for the formation of memories and thoughts that are more complex or complicated. In continuing to play strategy board games regularly throughout your life, you can promote better cognitive abilities as you grow older.

It’s also worth mentioning that beyond sharpening your cognitive skills, you can also amp up your response speeds. After a bit of time mastering certain strategies, you begin to think a bit quicker about similar situations in real life that involve problem-solving. In time, you may see that tasks that used to take a bit no longer take you as much time to complete. Tasks may include homework, crossword puzzles, problem-solving at work, and more.

Your Mental Disease Risk Decreases Immensely

Have you heard that a certain mental disease runs amuck in your family? Do you fear that as much as I do? If so, you may want to start playing strategy board games. Another huge benefit to playing the best strategy board game on a regular basis is that you’re able to keep up with your cognitive needs. A decrease in the cognitive aspect leads to frightening mental diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and even dementia. Through regular brain stimulation, you can combat these diseases before they even have a chance to think of you.

Enjoy a Reduction in Stress

Stress is no fun, and when you don’t have something to help you unwind without getting mad, you’re only making matters worse, and not effectively reducing stress. Strategy games, or games in general, are used by 53% of players as a means of relaxation. When you can relax, and amplify your cognitive skills at the same time, you’re going to be much happier overall.

Better Child Development

Sure, school is a great option for those that want to better their child’s development, but at-home attention may be needed for some, but is recommended is all. Strategy board games aimed at the younger market are able to help them develop reasoning skills and learn how to use logic. The younger they learn these strategies, the less they’ll struggle in school. If your child has a learning disability, using types of strategy games can help them learn and excel in a fun manner.


Adults and children alike can both benefit from the advantages that strategy board games have to offer. Between verbal communication and cognitive skills, the young and elderly can both amplify their game and stay on top of their toes as they enter school or enter the nursing home while reducing stress and the potential for mental disease. A healthy brain is a happy brain.