Things to Consider Before Buying A Vacuum

The tile flooring in your house can look extremely filthy and grimy if you don’t clean them regularly. The frequency of cleaning the tiles usually based on the grout and color of the tiles. No matter, if you have mosaic, natural stone, ceramic, marble, quarry, glass or porcelain tile flooring, tiles tend to attract and accumulate dust, mud and debris very easily. But, you can keep your tile flooring clean and free from dirt by choosing the best Vacuums for Tile Floors.

Consideration to Find Best Vacuums for Tile Floors

  • What you Home Comprises – Do you have tile flooring along with carpet? There are many vacuum cleaners available that come with retractable beater brushes. You need to choose the Vacuums for Tile Floors that can function and work on both flooring options.
  • The Type of Hard Floor your House Has – Do you have glazed tiles or simple quarry tiles? In comparison to glazed tiles, the quarry tiles are hard to clean as the grime easily get stuck in indentations. So, Vacuums for Tile Floors that come with wash option is best for removing the disinfecting and dirt.
  • The Wheels of the Vacuum Cleaner – Tiles are very slippery in nature and hence it is necessary for you to choose the Vacuums for Tile Floors that has rubber wheels. Avoid buying the cleaner that comes with plastic wheels as it can leave scratch mark over time and damage the tile flooring.

Types of Vacuums for Tile Floors

  • Bagless Vs. Bagged – There are Vacuums for Tile Floors that come with either disposable bag where all the debris and dirt are collected or bagless chamber which you need to empty after every use.
  • Canister Vs. Upright – The Canister Vacuums for Tile Floors come with separate body and nozzle which is connected by the hose, while the upright vacuums come with one single body with a suction portion at the bottom.
  • Wet Vs. Dry – There are some upgrade models of vacuums for tile floors that come with wet wash action feature or wet wipe feature which allow you to steam and wipe the floors while vacuuming. The dry models simply clean the floor without wet action.