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Tips for Choosing the Best Futon Mattress

You’re probably thinking back to your college days and how dreadful futon mattresses were. Not only were they thin and not totally comfortable, but as you neared the end of your degree program, you felt like it left more of an impression on your back – and not in the good way, either. While futon mattresses have gotten more comfortable, there’s also ways you can choose a better one than the dorm room one you had before. In order to choose the best futon mattress, you’ll have to consider the forth coming tips.

The General Usage of the Futon Mattress

Before you buy yourself the best futon mattress, you’ll want to define the usage. Do you plan on hosting your guests in your home a lot? Are you expecting to use it as a bed occasionally? If you have guests over enough, but not every single night of your life, you’ll want to invest in a futon mattress because of how inexpensive it is compared to a normal mattress. If you’re looking to use a futon mattress in place of a real mattress, you’ll probably want to splurge on something a little higher quality.

Aesthetics Matter, Too!

When it comes to buying furniture of any sort, comfortability isn’t the only aspect to look at for most, and aesthetics should be considered, too. Do you have a certain look in mind? Maybe you’re shooting for a minimalistic look that’s smooth and fresh, while not being overbearing and not looking like an ugly ole’ college futon. Depending on the frame and your home, you’ll want to invest in something that’s a bit more attractive in both the couch form and the futon form.

Factor in Your Desired Thickness

The futons you used in college will ultimately be the most inexpensive and ultimately, the thinnest of the models. Some of the best futon mattresses are much thicker than the standard, allowing you to buy an inexpensive mattress alternative. Beyond this, there are accessories like a mattress cover that make a substantial difference for those that sleep on futon mattresses.

Don’t Forget About the Frames!

Frames are another important part of a futon mattress. As we said before, maybe you’ll want something that’s minimalistic and smooth. In this case, you may be looking for something modern and with clean lines to fit within the décor of your home. If you live in a studio, you’ll definitely be using this as a couch/bed combination in your everyday life. Because you’ll be taking advantage of the dual uses, you’ll want to make sure the frame color and style matches the furniture in your studio in some way shape or form to really pull it all together.

Speaking of frames: don’t forget that a futon that is queen sized will require a queen-sized frame – some of the mattress you may look at may not come with a frame at all, and if you don’t have a frame for that specific size, you may be reminiscing with your college memories and sleeping on the floor with a thin futon mattress.

Last Thoughts

Overall, you’ll want to consider your space, what you have, what you want, and what you’ll need to get. Consider the thickness of the mattress, how many times you’ll be using it, and if the frame works with your current furniture to really pull everything together. You should also consider accessories like a futon mattress cover to help preserve the condition of the futon mattress, while making it a bit more comfortable to sleep on for you and your guests.